Friday, 29 August 2008

Study Styles

Study Styles

In doing teaching Styles. The teacher should pay attention to the Study Styles of their Students. In order they have motivation in learning there are Study Styles as Follow.

a. Visual

For the visual learner, Study effectively are by using’ Whole description’ or doing general statement that is by reading Whole of the lesson for a movement the characteristics of Visual learner as Follow (1). Orderly, Pay attention to the Some thing (2). Remembering the picture, graphic, and colors for improving their memorizing. From the characteristic about, the teacher should more creative in preparing the motivation of their student, and to improve their memorizing to the materials, the teaching style of the teacher that easier to influence the Student are. Facial expression, movement and seeing Contact.

b. Auditoria

As auditoria learner, the affective Students are by listening , so that the teacher is demanded using variation centering the attention and Quietness that can improve and make the Student to receive the materials. The characteristic of auditoria Student are : 1). Their attention easy to break out. 2). Study by using listening 3). Internal and external discussion

c. Kinesthetic

As Kinesthetic learner. The effective Studies as by involved them to their activities so it’s tend to the experiment act and the characteristic of the kinesthetic student are 1). Studying and doing the real action 2). Remembering and see to the object directly. The teacher should involve their Student when the teaching learning Process is going on.

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