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The Components of Teaching Style Variations.

The Components of Teaching Style Variations.

The teacher should use many kinds of teaching variations by using those variations, the students will be interested to the teacher’s teaching performances

These are the components of the teacher’s teaching style variation:

a. Voice variation

Voice variation is a changing of voice,from the loud into the weak, the high intonation into the low intonation and from the fast into the slow one (Uzer 1995:48 )

A teaches should have voice variations in intonation, volume,tone and speed when giving explanation of the materials in class. If the teacher’s voice always loud or even too loud continuously, it will be exactly difficult to be accepted, because the students think that their teacher is cruel man. If it happens,the students will feel wory and afraid in having materials in class. This problem must be avoided and even abolished. But if the teacher’s voice is too weak (epecially for the female teacher ), it will not be heard clearly and reached out by the students in class, especially for the back seated students. If it happens, the will ignore their teacher. So they have lack attention to the materials that given. That is why, a teacher should use proper voice variation with the situation and condition.So the teacher’s voice should always change continuosly, sometimes it needs to have high tone,fast, speed,slow or low tone

The voice variation can influence the performations given,eventhougt it is not too important. Using a whisper or voice pressure, short and fast sentences will be able to increase the students enthusiasm (Bobbi 1999:126)

Voice intonation also has an influence for the students’ comprehension capability of the teacher’s speaking. Monotonous of level intonation will give boredom for the students, it can make them feel bored and getting tired in listening in quick time.It also happens if the voice intonation has high and low tone or stagnant.It will be a funny joke for the students or even they will imitate concentration in studying. It is suggested for the teachers to use more voice pressure in their teachings, especially when they are explaining about important things such as, giving definition, term, abbreviation and also new vocabularies slowly and clearly and also with a good voice volume. Fluently of speaking have more attention from the teacher, because it has a very big influence for the students’ comprehension, so it will be better if the teacher must think carefully about good grammars in their speaking before giving an explanation for the students. Local language should not be used in class.

After reading the explanation above, we have known about the importance of voice, so, teachers should give more attention about it. Because it is one of the most important point as a communication way in educative interaction. Speaking in front of the class can not be treated alike as giving a speech in front of the mass or like reading a poem in front of the people. Teachers think that the students are their interlocutor, so it involves an internal contact inside each individual.(Sardiman 1986:199)

b. Interest Concentration

According to Ghozali, motivation is higher soul favorable, and that soul is only objected to an object (thing or case ) or some object (Slameto 1995 :56)

In order to guarantee a good of study, students should have good interest and high motivation in the materials given. If they do not have any interest in their materials, so they will get a boredom, and at last, they do not want to study anymore. To focus on the students’ motivation in an important aspect or key aspect, teacher can give some warning in word, such as by saying “Attention please”, Don’t forget to make a good notice of it” and so on

Getting a motivation from the students is not easy, especially when teaching in a class with many students. To keep the students stay focus in our teaching we need some principles

1) The Attention Some One to the new things, the new kind of stimulate that can attract the attention consist of colors and shapes. In teaching the teacher should be able to attract the attention of student to find out the new difficult word and under line them with red marker.

2) The attention of teacher to the intricate things, to teacher may not difficult the east lesson.

3) Pay attention ( Pointed their attention ) to the things that according to the interest and talent of the student. To improve the interest the student there are two step. Those are from them selves and from out side factor include environment. Parent .and teacher. Here .the teachers have chance to improve the learning interest of student at class and at home.

From third principles .the teacher must know more about their student. In order can improve the attention of student to the subject/ lesson. So that the student have learning interest higher. Such as ‘ Pay attention carefully’ if the materials of the lesson is quite difficult.

c. Quietness of the silent teacher ( Teaching silence )

Silence of Condition Suddenly when the teacher explaining the lesson. silences is a good media to attract Student attention. With silence condition or the

Teacher silence Suddenly Can make attention . of Student in learning. because can focused to the lesson that is learning and can make easy to remember the materials. So they can answer the teachers questions.

By giving time to the Student to prepare their answering it’s purpose getting a good answer and less in error. But if the teacher don’t give silence or time to prepare their answering so the result of their answer will be wrong. So to those, the teacher should give silence or quietness to their Student. to develop their mind.

d. Sight seeing. ( Seeing Contact )

When the process of teaching Start. The teacher Shouldn’t bent his head or turn up. never have seeing Contact with their Student and the teacher must avoid have Contact with one Student. When the teacher is only Continuously and ignored to other Student. When the teacher is explaining the lesson should/ must have Contact all their Student. Because By Having Contact with all of their Student it can develop the relationship among them and can avoid disharmony.

The Cases that must be avoided by the teacher since they are explaining the lesson .

1) Seeing out side

2) Looking or the roof

3) Looking or the flour

4) Looking at the certain student not all of them.

5) Just Looking at the black board when the explain.

The cases above has purpose to rein the situation of class be better (Sardiman 1999:202 ), so in seeing contact the teacher should be closer to their students in order to they be pay attention to the teachers, so if it is have done by teacher he will know the psychology of their students and the students will get more motivation in learning.

e. Gesture and facial expression

Variation of gesture, facial expression of the teacher are important things in communicating with their students.The function of them is to attract the attention of the students and to clarify the explanation.Some one will be easier to understand something by using sense of sight and hearing sense, much more used the result is more effective (Deporter 1999:126), and also the students will be easier to understood if the teacher not only use speech, just using gesture, and over acting, it can make the students feel bored and be afraid, so the action of the teacher should not be over and less.

Not all of the gesture are good for the students, there are gesture that should be avoid by teacher, for example scratching the body, holding trouser without certain purpose, holding the nose and others. So the movement of teacher in teaching process must be polite and relevant to the materials that given and the movement do not over acting and the facial expression should be appropriate, because it is an important ways for communication (Depdikbud 1989 :52 )

f. Movement of teacher

The movement of teacher’s position in the class room can attract the students motivation, but the teacher must remember, do not over, if it have done by teacher so the students will feel bored and it can reduce their motivation in learning. The movement can be done by the teacher by moving front of class room, move back.The important thing in movement that it have to has function.

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