Tuesday, 26 August 2008

The Principle of Variation Using

The Principle of Variation Using

In a learning and teaching process, the students’ activity gets the most attention from teacher.That is why it needs a conducive study setting in order to creat active and creative students in class. So, giving more attention for the principle of variation using in teaching process is one of the effort that can be done by the teacher.Those principles are:

a. The variation should be used with a certain purpose which has relevance with the main intention. It should be better if all the variations are used when using variation skill. Besides that there must be variation in components using for all the type of the variation. Especially the variation of teaching style. A variation must be appropriate with the materials given, so it will be able to attract the student to pay attention or listening to the teacher’s explanation.

b. The variation should be used fluently and continuously, so it will not break and disturb the attention of the students in a learning and teaching process.

c. Having a good and explicit plan should be listed in a study project. So the using of this variation should have a good structure well planned.This variation need a flexibility and also spontaneous which has suitability with the feed back that the students accepted.

There are two kinds of feed back from the students,those are: 1)attitude behavior with students’ attention and involvement in study, 2)Information feed back related with knowledge and the materials given (Saiful,Aswan 1996:187).

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