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The purpose and advantages of teaching style variation

The purpose and advantages of teaching style variation

a. The purpose of teaching style variation:

1) To increase and keep the student’s attention of the learning and teaching process relevance.

In a learning teaching process,the attention from the students for the lesson which is explained by the teacher is a very important problem,because that attention will support to reach the study purpose.That study purpose will be reached if every student is able to master all the materials in class.

It is usually difficult to maintain the attention of students to keep focus on the materials givin in aclass ful of many students.In fact,there are many factors which can influence it,for examples: the teacher’s explanation is not very much to the point,teacher doesn’t have any interesting variation in teaching,etc.So,the student’s attention problem in the material can not be ignored in a context of study purpose.

Therefore,teachers should pay attention on their teaching styles,whether it have been able to increase and keep the student’s attention on the materials given or still not.

2) Giving a chance

Giving a chance possibly give a high motivation in studiyinng,motivation has a very important role,because without any motivation,a student will not be able tostudy well.There are two kind of motivation:intrinsic motivation (comes from internal personality) and external motivation(comes from external society)

In learning and teaching process in the class not every student has an intrinsic motivation inside her/himself,that is about a self awareness to pay attention to the teacher explanation,a high curiosity to know more about the materials from the teacher.There are also students who don’t have self motivation (intrinsic motivation),this is often faced by the teacher.External motivation always becomes a big problem for the teachers,where high supports from outside are absolutely necessary.So,the students who don’t have any intrinsic motivation,need an external motivation on their studies.Here,the roles from teachers are absolutely needed to give a motivation.In this case,motivation is needed to encourage the students to do the best and right way on their study,and also to select the student’s activity.

3) Establishing the positive behavior to the teachers and school.

It can not be denied that as the reality in a class there are some students who ignore their teacher.This negative behavior can happen if the teachers lacles of teaching style variations.The way of teaching from the teacher has not relevance whit the way of studying from the students.And the lesson which is taught by that teacher will not be enjoyed by the students it can be known when the students ignore the explanations from the teacher in class.

If the teacher teaches while sitting leisurely in class without giving much attention to the student’s behavior,it can be very boring teaching style for the students.

It means that the teacher has failed to inspire the students creativities and enthusiasms for studying.A good teacher is a teacher who can place her/himself and take heart from her/his students.From this,the students will feel that they have a big attention from their teacher.So,students will also have a close relation with their teacher. Students will always missed their teacher is usually caused if that teacher has a very enjoyable teaching style and has a good relation with the student’s psychological.Her/his teaching style variations have a relevance with the way of studying from students.

4) Giving a choice possibility and individual facility to study

A teacher is demanded to have many skills which can support her/his duty to teach,especially a skill to crate variations.To improve this teaching variations skill,a teacher should master the media using,many kinds of teaching approachments,and also teaching methods.By having those skills,willl help the teacher to improve this teaching style easily and giving a chance to choose which one is more suitable to support his duty to teach in class.

Facility is a study completeness and every school must have it.The function is as a supplement for the auxiliary teaching. The completeness or incompleteness for study facility may influence the choice that may be done, for example: there no any facility in physical science (physics and biology ) There is no any physical laboratory may cause the lack ness of experiment methods capacity,So, teacher must choose communicative methods or giving a question and answer method as the forced alternative, even thought in fact it is not suit able for the materials given.

5) Encouraging the student to study

Giving a good study setting for the student is a duty of a teacher. A teacher has a duty to stay together all time with his or her students in teaching interaction.Of course ,it need a very conducive study setting.The study setting here means as a setting which can encourage the student to study all time till the class over without living it.

Studying really needs a big motivation to encourage the student to study.But unfortunately, it is seldom found that every student has the same motivation., especially intrinsic motivation. From the different motivation here, and also we can know from the students’ behavior and attitude, that there are some students who love their study and some other do not.Here the role of teacher to create a situation of study that can encourage the motivation of the student is needed.So the teacher should use variation of teaching style because it can make the student to develop their learning motivation and also develop their experience from all cognitive level

b. The significance of teaching style

The teaching style should be applied by the teachers in teaching process, in order to reduce the boringness of students.From the tale of Ibnu Mas’ud said: Muhammad SAW had alternatives in giving his teachings to avoid bored ness (Fatah, 1988:189)

From the “Hadis” above, we know that the variations of teaching style have been done since the Prophet time.And according to Uzer Usman, we can take some advantages from those variation, such as:

1) Making and increase the students’motivation to the study aspect.

2) Giving chances for the curiosity developments and skills and also investigating the students about new cases.

3) Forming a positive thinking and good behavior about teacher and school by using a more teaching style and giving a good study setting

4) Giving chances for the students to have their own ways about how to accept the materials given well (Usman,1995:77)

According to JJ.Hasibun,the advantages of variation are:

1) Keeping and increasing the students related whit study aspect

2) Increasing the function of curiosity motivation possibility from the exploitation and investigation activity

3) Forming positive thinking about teacher and school

4) Giving a possibility to serve a student individually so it can give a good setting of studying.

5) Encouraging the studying activity by involving the students with many activities and interesting studying experiences and also many kind of cognitive level (Hassibun,1994:65)

Actually,both of those opinions above are the same.they all discussed about the teaching only has different topics the main points of the teaching variation are:

1) Increasing, forming and keeping the motivation of students about the relevant aspect

2) Forming chances to increase and expand the curiosity skill and also the function of study motivation

3) Forming and enrich the positive thing king about teacher and school by using many teaching styles more lively

4) Giving good individual service for the students to accept the materials easily and they will study happily

5) Encouraging the study activity by involving the students with many activities or interesting studying experiences in many cognitive level

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