Thursday, 29 May 2008

Ir. Sukarno

Ir. Sukarno

Ir. Sukarno famous as Bung Karno. He is speeches, and heartens Indonesia public to struggle dissipates colonist from Indonesia. That is why he is be including as hero’s independence that is very searched by colonist, either Dutch, England, and also Japan.

Bung Karno was born on 6 of June 1901 in Surabaya. For Beginning he is learning in ELS ( SD DUTCH), HBS 6 year ( now SMA) and hereinafter continuing to HTS ( Technique College that is now is recognized by the name of Institut Teknologi Bandung or ITB). The year 1925 he passed and obtains engineer title.

The year 1927 Bung Karno builds Party National Indonesia ( PNI) with his friends. Because wide influence, so Ir. Soekarno activity assumed menaces Dutch, therefore in the year 1930 he cached by Dutch and thrown to Ende ( Flores) then is carried over Bengkulu. But, in the year 1942 when Dutch defeated by Japan. Bung karno freed by Japan.

During colonization of Japan, Bung Karno becomes leader of Public Source Of Energy ( Male) with Bung Hatta, Ki Hajar Dewantara, and KH. Mas Mansyur. Besides he also lifted by Japan to become ketu Cuo Sangi In ( Central Counsellor ).

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