Friday, 23 May 2008

Go To adsense

Go To Adsense

some few days ago I try makes blog again with a purpose to gets adsense, article about adsense I have read and I to practice, first time that I can get adsense is make account new enamel in google with language format England, after success makes new e-mail with e-mail address likes likely can get account gmail language inggris. second step that is making blog with account new e-mail, intentionally I am format blog in language england to facilitate getting adsense later. contents of there - here according to must finally earns also makes new blog. whereas appearance as it is, first posting also still confusing must in filling language because fairly not skilled me in language inggris, I perforced to look for article from some reading books which I meet, that is about amadeus mozart of the pianist a real fenomenal and masterpiece - the masterpiece which so extraordinary :)

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