Saturday, 24 May 2008

Mr. Harto Stepprint


In date march 29 in 1968 Soeharto president is eating holy that available present keidanren in the Tokyo. Inside meeting with about 200 industry leader, labour and Japan financial. Soeharto President ask that convey grower foreign capital capital. Indonesian have inclination that excellent to Japan like as Asia state that improvement, inside this meeting president also giving guarantee that one not from foreign grating to using for interest other except to economy repair. Economy stabilization can only to reached with rule inflation repair, supply stable food, repair instrument and introducing strap.

Except, Soeharto president and company ever to visit San Fransisco, for abserve Oakland port, san fransisco this it to form container port highest second in the AS, after New York. This inside observer president already to survey conception packed chest in the harbour. Soeharto president ask that technology layer that will necessary multiplyed to coordinated with need that urge this grown up. This course approximation excecuted be should progmatice with practice and with decide majority exactly. This all asked by Soeharto president in the Bandung at remembrance 50 year ITB.

In years 1970 already signaled with mount “Statement not satisfied on various condition. Feeling not satisfied not forever senseless bad. Feeling not satisfied that natural, that indicate critical position against condition and feel responsibility that purely, be profiled desired for see development that more advance and more good that result than already be reached, truly position dynamics inside democracy existence. To connect with feel satisfied less it, President animate all public for concerned and wary inside enter in 1971. this Soeharto president to form president that mind against public welfare. He is people that discipline and want participate with public it.confirmed Mr. Harto want observe holticulture one that live in the Tajur, Bogor, since still his proffesion down Mr. Harto to experience sick that serious sufficient up to he must be take care in the hospital. To spread news that Mr. Harto sick, rubber reporter came and someone that astonish Mr. Harto even to came along look eagerly. Still not time can be repeated, because on everyday Monday date 27 Januari in 2008 exacted o’clock 12.30 Mr. Harto already to blow away last breath. Mr. Harto family is very sad to hear mentioned news that be formented misery.

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