Monday, 16 March 2009

peace campaign

peace campaign
campaign is a peaceful effort to be made and important festival in the state of democracy in our beloved indonesian this, many political parties would not want a peaceful campaign to be done because this is to prevent and reduce the friction between political party supporters during a campaign to convey the vision and mission of their respective political parties the election campaign alhamdulillah peace ceremony yesterday in the capital city of Jakarta with a good run even though there was little kesalah fahaman support from political parties, democratic party this time is different from that of 2004, which is now the number of political parties over the election and many predicted the winner in the election can not expect, lots of ads and the promise - a promise that carried a political party elite to gain sympathy votes and the election, that campaign is peaceful years and years to come for the color of democracy and the world if indonesian we can carry this party democracy with a peaceful, successful and provide inspiration for other countries that democracy should not have enmity and hatred among the other political parties. I hope this peace campaign socializing can be the resurrection of the soul to build tolerance among political party because the spirit of tolerance and mutual respect the parties to respect the others will appear in the sustainability of our nation to build a more just and civilized can be perceived together.
simple - that the promise of an appointment in the political elite who submit ads through the media and directly to the people can be realized to its main small people, what people want is a small tool and easy to be separated from poverty, primary education and its pattern of living a more feasible with the the other population.

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