Sunday, 1 March 2009

Ghost Jamu Gendong

Ghost Jamu Gendong

Where in “Hantu Jamu Gendong” in every her scene, she always to show hollow herbody which section, with wrapped with Kebaya a which a half be seen part “Anxlous” woman. Know int film course director Koya Pagaya and producer shanker RS BSc this. Juper Actor figure seller guest named Sri which dead enermout by three yaing. But, like that button hole seller jamu gendong? Like as Jupe ?

To tighten more, film which start in rotate in bioskop on Thursday (22/1) then, jupe only sell name or tennical cameo. Reason button hole jupe only appear in some schene, exactly only appear in a flash as gost and figure sri which look atin screen some minute only. The rest, in this film only in contens by new stars which not yet have name for example, Dimaz Aditya, Diah Cempaka Sari, Mentari, Dafi Ariaga, iqbal etc.

For support her acting that, Jupe confess study on seller guest original which present in location shooting, about how catch guest and way clutch guest with clothes Kebaya.

“Seller guest that apparently tortured, because should snare texture to breast end that very sick, because elevate burden bottle heavy, extra woman up section this.

Detail, this film indeed not have effort pulling besides only sell name Jupe. Which film get location shooting in Bogor and Jakarta much prostration acting not come common sense. For example, sphere only film take moment night. Acting one with other jumping.

Evaluative Summation

In film production Indika Entertainmen this Jupe actiong bed together star young Fendi Trihartanto which dies natalis acting figure sigh in. during in “Setan Budeg” dewi Persik actiong bed with former her husband. But the second same’s to avoid if film which in started only to sell sexiness her body.

Whereas, word shanker, this film take from urban legend society Jogjakarta, where have seller guest which enormous child official. Bat, trace story urban legend which in appear in this film an even disappear, because appear button hole Jupe which an even make negative button hole seller guest.

Although accuse critical, not Jupe if can’t avoid. On sum Journalist which attend rotate prime her film in planet Hollywood (21/1) then she avoid if only sell her body. “From new born child I indeed finished section, through will hidden where sexnisess this, indeed finished be seen for out. Brain your only which on slovenly if be seen I,” word Jupe while laugh.

Jupe indeed button hole fenomenal. I not afraid protest who whereas, her album single leading article” belah duren” ever to accuse protest commotion in that album the nearest condom. Well, in film genre horror, Jupe tease passion more ?

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