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v Purpose

The purpose os sucial function a narative is to entertain readers and listeners with real or maginary stories.

v Narative text type

Narative text types are in the form of :

ü Fable

ü Fairy tales

ü Historical stories

ü Folktale

ü Legends

ü Mysteries, etc

v Generic Structur

Generic structur of narative is :

a. Orientation : Is the part where the writer of the story diescribes the

caracters (who are involved in the story) and the setting (the context and situation in which the story takes place.) That is where and when the story (happened).

b. Complication : or problem is the part where the writer introduces a

problem a change in the situation, or an action that requires a response.

c. Resolution : Is the part in which the writer presents the way the

complication is resolved.

v Significal language feature of narative

ü Focus in specific and individualized participants

ü Use of relational processes (action verbs)

ü Use of relational processes and mental processes

ü Use of past tense

ü Use of temporal conjunctions and temporal circums tances

ü Use of proces (saying verb) in direct and indirect speech.

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