Sunday, 4 January 2009

Improving the personal and recognize our own

Improving the personal and recognize our own
Talking about yourself will be more difficult to assess our evaluation of other people, the general rate of other interfaces disrepute even other people in public is very easy, self or nature of lug my resignation is a matter of the environment and habits that we get the most from the surrounding environment is the friend play, family and friends, could also be due to the nature of both parents, here, I try to keep to my own mold problems know themselves and its relationship to change into a more personal and forward, forward the means to provide benefits for himself and others.

The environment is one factor that most determines a person and influence the pattern of life or similar nature, if we are in the surrounding environment in the careful, often rate other people or other acts that negatively, SAA is aware I have too many or hope to others , And complained almost when discussing people who do not like I always discussing interfaces with the lack of people I do not like, may also have among us such as the nature of this, for many years, I was living with this and complained a lot, looking for holes or fear overcharging for trying to be better. I realize now that the very nature of such harm themselves or others because of the nature of such a notion are only get better without effort, the awareness will become a more private place has been good on my personal must fight more and increase knowledge, no such routines that I like to watch, chat, and other things that I think is not useful, below are some points of how to improve our own personal

  1. The main thing is that we can recognize ourselves is to know God and will learn more religious education that we , because with it we can get the value - the value of good and motivated us to always do good for themselves and others.
  2. Thinking, by the way during write some positive things worse or diarrhea in the book or computer, because - because what cause nature that occurred on this day. And try to answer the problems that we write before, so we will always remember and be relayed to the hearts and again not make it into a personal learning that forward.
  3. Bold nature apologize, forgive and sincere I also very important because the nature of this character is the realization that someone can serve in the emotional control problems in our lives. Private sincere the organization and will always have people who can be calm and muffle and controlling the problems with how clear and the best.
  4. And the last one is always capable of learning and wisdom get from each event to be used as guidelines soon, either in life or family socializes. Learning that my purpose here is not simply read the book learning but also apply it in our lives that stretch.

Hopefully this can always provide benefits for myself, to always be personally better, readers might not confused with the writing of this completely random and not uniform, to offer my apology for the limited vocabulary, and I write this as a learning myself to hone and mold the idea that there is in my resignation, all the shortcomings and advantages are obvious, but learning is always main more than provide an assessment that the overthrow other people to become private is better.

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