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The relation of excitement of mamilla with improvement

The relation of excitement of mamilla with improvement

of contraction of uterine at Kala II copy.

1. Excitement of Mamilla

From result of research there are 32 mothers copies 13 is done [by] excitement of mamilla and 13 other is not done excitement of mamilla. Based on the mamilla theory compiled by soft muscle blood-vessels and is a thick network in the form of nerve blood-vessel resides in its(the back part, excitement passed to mamilla can assist parturition. Most of excitement of mamilla has been diselediki its(the usefulness is alternatively oxytocin at test stress contraction ( a test which has been specified is likely not dangerous and effective) and its(the effectivity in mellowing servik and induces copy ( Simkin and acheta, 2005 : 71 & 72) at breast-feeding mothers when a baby starts milk at mamilla a woman, result of incentive physical of causing impulse, impulse at the end of nerve is sent to gland pituitary also resides in brain to yield two kinds of hormone so-called prolaction and oxytocin. Pralactin can yield milk and oxytocin can cause contraction at uterine.

2. Improvement of Contraction of Uterine at KalaII PERSALINAN

From result of research to 32 mothers copies. 1G mother copies has strong contraction, 12 mothers copies has contraction is being and 4 mother copies has weak contraction.

Based on theory there are some fact which can have an in with contraction of uterine, this thing told in complex theorys, inter alia : the degradation of hormone theory, the placenta theory becomes stripper, the theory distensi womb, the mechanic irritation theory and indication of copy ( Rustum, 199 : 90) while Kalafactor II copy is factor imobiutas, Dehitrasi and emotional ( Chapman, 2005). There are some effort to increase contraction of uterine at KalaII copy that is :

a. Non Farmakologis

1) Support from

2)Excitement of Mamilla

Effort that is very often done to increase contraction at KalaII copy is excitement of mamilla, mother or its(the couple can rub one or both mamillas because will increase contraction of uterine with excitement of natural oxytocin ( Chapman, 2006 : 99).

3) Compress at Fundus, and others

b. Non Farmakologis

1) Giving of Oxytocin Intramuscular ( im)

2)Giving of Intravenous Oxytocin / Infusion ( iv)

3.The Relation Of Excitement Putting milk with improvement of contraction of uterine at KalaII copy.

From tables of 45 indicating that most of responder done by excitement of mamilla to have strong contraction and there is no responder having weak contraction. After done [by] test Chi-Square got result of x2 calculate = 14,0529 > x2 tables = 5991 with level signifikasi 5%, db = 2 so that Ho reject meaning there is relation between excitement putting milk with improvement of contraction at KalaII copy.

Based on the excitement theory passed to mamilla can assist parturition. mother can rub one or two mamilla because will increase contraction Uterus with natural excitement ( Chapman, 2006 : 99)

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