Monday, 19 May 2008

Wayang Kulit


The Wayang Kulit is a shadow play. This show is very popular in java. The wayang kulit performance need screen, three or four banana trees, puppets Javanese musical instruments, Javanese musician and singer and a dalang.

At night three as a special lamp under the screen are the banana trees. The dalang stick the handles of the puppets can stand. The puppets, the dalang, the Javanese musician and singers and the lamp are in front of the screen while the spectators are behind the screen, so during the show they can see the shadow of the puppets on the screen. The puppets are made of leather. There are two groups of puppets, good characters and bad characters. The good characters are on the right-hand side of the dalang while the bad character are on the left-hand side. During the show these two sides of characters. Fight against each other and at the end the good characters always win. It takes about nine hours to perform the wayang kulit.

The dalang is the most important person in the whole show. He has several duties. He moves the puppets, tell the story. Imitates the dialogues of the character. Sings and controls the musicians and the singers. Therefore a dalang must be a very healty man. He must be able to sit cross sit crosslegged during the show.

The story of the wayang kulit performance is from either the Ramayana or the Mahabarata. These stories are actually ancient Indian stories. In Ramayana the hero is Rama. He leads the leads the fight againt the giant whit ten faces called Rahwana. A white monkey called Hanoman helps him during the war in Mahabarata the good characters are the pandawa family. This family consist of five brother Bratasena, Harjuna and Sadewa on the other hand, their cousins the Kurawa are bad characters the Kurawa family consist of one hundred brothers and the oldest one is sayudana or kuripati. These two families always quarrel and the winner is always the pandawa family.

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